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A new episode of Today's Top Tech Leaders featuring Lilly M Dobreva, CPO at Litentry, and Marc Clemens, CEO & Founder at CodeControl, has arrived—an insightful discussion titled "Guiding Growth: Nurturing Mentorship and Ethical Leadership in Tech."

In this episode, Lilly shares her personal experiences and reflections on the importance of mentorship in professional growth, emphasizing how mentorship extends beyond scheduled meetings, influencing everyday workplace interactions. She underscores the significance of mentorship in guiding new tech professionals, focusing on seeking advice and learning from unexpected sources.

Additionally, the conversation delves into the ethical dilemmas faced by tech companies today. Lilly and Marc question the ownership of ethical responsibility within organizations, contemplating which department should champion this critical aspect. They stress the role of company culture and mindset in shaping ethical leadership and product outcomes, advocating for a collective commitment to ethical practices from every individual within a company.

About the speaker:

Lilly M Dobreva, is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Litentry, where she drives product innovation and ensures an exceptional user experience. With a background in marketing, Lilly transitioned to product management early in her career. Her passion lies in understanding customer needs and translating them into meaningful solutions. As a Product Manager, Lilly gains hands-on experience, enabling her to collaborate closely with her team and focus on building products that resonate with users.