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A new episode of Today's Top Tech Leaders is here, featuring Aranzazu Carmona, Founder & CTO at Parallel Carbon, and Marc Clemens, CEO & Founder at CodeControl. The episode, titled "Climate Tech Startup Journey: From a Kitchen to Global Impact" unfolds an engaging dialogue capturing Aranza's entrepreneurial evolution. She unveils her dynamic career marked by diversity, fueled by passion, and defined by continuous learning amid the swiftly evolving tech landscape.

In the realm of Climate-tech, Aranza provides a simplified explanation of their mission: leveraging technologies to extract CO2 from the air. The episode navigates the intricacies of climate technology, spotlighting the industry's pressing challenges, from the urgency of addressing climate issues to the financial and temporal demands of establishing a resilient supply chain. Additionally, Aranza shares the compelling narrative of Parallel Carbon's origins, operating initially from a kitchen, illuminating the unique hurdles faced in setting up a remote infrastructure for a cutting-edge climate tech company.

Given Aranza and her partner's engineering background, the conversation delves into their strategic approach in dealing with investors and managing the business facets of Parallel Carbon. This episode provides an insightful glimpse into the crossroads of technology, entrepreneurship, and climate advocacy, delivering pragmatic insights and inspiration for CTOs and senior IT managers.

About the speaker:

Aranzazu Carmona, Ph.D., is the Founder & CTO of Parallel Carbon, specializing in electrochemical engineering and regulatory affairs. With a dynamic career spanning water treatment to process engineering, Aranzazu is passionate about advancing sustainable solutions. A fervent advocate for women's rights, she has led Parallel Carbon from a kitchen startup to a key player in climate tech, embodying innovation and diversity.