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A new episode of Today's Top Tech Leaders is here, featuring Dan Kreibich, Co-Founder & CPO at Squake, and Marc Clemens, CEO & Founder at CodeControl. The episode, titled "Tech Solutions for Sustainable Travel and Logistics" unfolds into an insightful discussion on leveraging technology to address the sustainability challenges present in the travel and logistics sectors.

Dan and Marc delve into their experiences of working with clients who may have limited awareness of sustainability issues, which necessitates the translation of complex technical solutions into tangible benefits. They emphasize the need to bridge the gap between innovative technology and a customer base that may lack an understanding of technical jargon, such as APIs. The conversation explores effective strategies for communicating the environmental and operational advantages of sustainable tech solutions, aiming to make them accessible and compelling to a broader audience.

Additionally, Dan shares his expertise on navigating the complexities of early-stage ventures working with enterprises and discusses how he transitioned into product management. He highlights how his initial focus on business development paved the way for his current role as a co-founder and CPO.

About the speaker:

Dan Kreibich, Co-Founder & CPO at Squake,  a startup dedicated to decarbonizing travel & mobility. With a background in travel-tech and sustainability, Dan has led ventures like compensaid.com & squake.earth, scaling innovative products that drive positive change. Formerly a Senior Venture Development Manager at Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Dan is known for his ability to bring ideas to life and nurture projects from inception to execution. He's a pioneer committed to leveraging market-leading tech for sustainable transformation in the travel industry.