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Join Marc Clemens, Founder & CEO at CodeControl, as he engages in a captivating discussion with Alessandro Pedori, CTO at Enterprise AI Consulting, in the 4th episode of Today's Top Tech Leaders Podcast.

In this insightful conversation titled "AI-Powered Management in Tech's Changing Landscape", Alessandro shares his expertise on AI and its profound impact on tech management. He also addresses the challenges and opportunities that arise when implementing AI management solutions and the importance of striking a balance between leveraging AI technologies and maintaining a human-centered approach.

Discover how AI is reshaping the roles of technical leaders and gain valuable insights into the essential skills and competencies needed to harness AI's potential effectively.

About the speaker:

Alessandro Pedori is a computer engineer with a remarkable track record spanning over 20 years. With a strong focus on language technologies and AI, he has become a thought leader in the field. Armed with his expertise in Python, Alessandro thrives in *NIX systems, leveraging open source tools to drive innovative solutions.

Beyond his technical prowess, Alessandro's passion extends to coaching and teaching, covering a diverse range of topics. He is deeply involved in empowering others through his knowledge in NLP, programming, soft skills for programmers, and effective communication strategies. Additionally, Alessandro is a co-founder of the IFS Collective, a therapy and coaching company, further demonstrating his dedication to personal growth and well-being.