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Join Rhiannon White, Chief Product Officer at Clue, and Marc Philipp Clemens, CEO & Founder at CodeControl, as they delve into an engaging discussion in the 7th episode of the Today's Top Tech Leaders Podcast. The episode titled "Value vs Revenue: Integrating Pricing into Your Product" explores the balance between value and revenue when incorporating pricing strategies.

In this latest episode, we engage with a seasoned and remarkable product leader who transitioned from a marketing background to achieve thriving success as a product leader. Rhiannon takes us through the hurdles and triumphs of her journey, providing valuable insights into optimal team structuring, the dynamic interplay between product development and marketing, strategies for adding value, and the critical decision-making process of initiating monetization.

About the speaker:

Rhiannon White is a seasoned product leader with a strong track record in developing exceptional software products and teams. Her extensive experience spans diverse industries and business models, including media, retail, finance, B2C, B2B, and SaaS.

Currently, she works as the Chief Product Officer at Clue by Biowink. Despite starting her career in marketing, she transitioned to product roles and held leadership positions at notable companies such as Shazam, Sky, and Vend, making her mark in London, Silicon Valley, and Auckland.