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Join Gonzalo Rubio Torrente, Co-Founder & CTO at Cakewalk, and Marc Philipp Clemens, CEO & Founder at CodeControl, on this new episode of Today's Top Tech Leaders Podcast. In this latest episode titled "Scaling a Team of Engineers: Are You Making the Right Moves?", Gonzalo shares his invaluable insights and years of expertise on the critical steps that tech leaders must consider when expanding their development teams.

Starting a tech company is a thrilling journey, but choosing the right people to embark on this adventure with can make all the difference. Gonzalo and Marc Philipp discuss the significance of selecting the initial team members wisely. They emphasize the importance of assembling a group of senior professionals who already have established trust and synergy. This approach allows the team to hit the ground running, ensuring productivity from day one. Then, as the company becomes more stable and prepares for expansion, Gonzalo discusses how they could start hiring junior employees.

Scaling a team of engineers is a complex task that demands careful planning. Gonzalo also shares the importance of a measured, deliberate approach. Scaling too rapidly can lead to challenges with onboarding and team cohesion, ultimately affecting productivity. Taking the time to integrate new team members is vital for long-term success.

About the speaker:

Gonzalo Rubio Torrente is the CTO and Co-Founder of Cakewalk, where his passion lies in creating innovative software solutions that tackle intricate technical problems through workflow automation. With a strong foundation in regulated sectors, particularly fintech, Gonzalo brings expertise in engineering solutions that meet the most stringent security and compliance standards.